Jennie Nusbaum

February 10, 2011

Case Study 1– Exploring the boundaries of just what a posters can be. In this study I would like to see a poster extending off the wall encouraging viewers to interact with it. I want to explore the element of shock to which people think the poster has one function, when suddenly it’s intentions change entirely. It is at this point when the real message is communicated.

Case study 2– People are often drawn to the word “free”. I want to explore how this word can quickly attract viewer attention. People are often quick to snag the free-bees anyone has to offer but what if what you were getting was nothing what you expected. Much like cast study 1, this element of shock is what will really drill the message home.

Cast study 3- We see the typical “looking for roommate” or “drummer needed” posters all the time with tear off info strips. I would like to expand on this idea by addressing issues that connect with the bits you tear off. Perhaps those bits could have a double function, information and solution? This exploration is quite gray at this point.

Case study 4– I would like to explore the process in discovering a message. At first glance a poster should be suspicious in its quietness begging to be investigated further. During this period of curiosity people will begin to figure out what they need to do to uncover the message based on the information/materials given. This interactive curiosity will draw other people in, making the final message contagious.



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