Jennie Nusbaum

January 25, 2011

(this was a post from January 18)

Thesis two

My previous thesis was dealing with handmade typography, I’ve come to realize that this is a quiet general topic that can easily find its way into some of my other solid thesis ideas. In replacement of this topic I have decided to focus on package design. Package design is also a broad topic but I have yet to zero in on what it is I’m looking for. Niche brand package design is of interest. “Nitch brands exemplify the power of packaging to communicate a highly differentiated personality that enriches the product experience.” Says Nicolas Aparicio, executive creative director at Landor. Because niche brands focus on zeroing in on a target audience their personality and persona is more unique. This relationship between consumer and brand creates strong brand loyalty. I would like to explore how these markets can product appropriate and exciting package design to compliment their brand values.

Thesis three

Zeroing in on this social based proposal I have decided to explore ways to communicate world issues that are often times left too quiet in the media. The graphic imperative show was a big influence on this topic as well as the projects that come out of it (Michigan & Haiti posters). I don’t want to limit myself to just poster design, keeping in mind other ways people can wake up to these truths. Publications such as Color Magazine and Good Magazine are prime examples of good design put to good use. “COLORS’ expressive medium: a method that is universal and reaches the greatest number of people with a strong, immediate impact. Young adults also read COLOR across the world which relates back to my original third thesis. When Tibor Kalman was editor of COLOR his premise was “that diversity is positive and all cultures have equal value.” This idea that news should be of equal importance no matter where it’s coming from. Other important designers in this field of interest are Leif Steiner who works at Moxie Sozo who designed Hurricane relief posters, and headed the Haiti poster project. Josh Higgins, a designer who focused on California Wildfires and Joe Scorsone & Alice Drueding who are known for their powerful poster collaborations (see CMYK artice)


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