Jennie Nusbaum

January 13, 2011

Lately it’s been making more sense to me to design for a cause. A cause doesn’t exactly have an endpoint because things will constantly be in struggle. My first two proposals (process & handmade type) are general topics that can easy find their way into a more specific idea. My third and most developed proposal is about designing for youth education. In this topic I wanted to focus on getting across worldly issues to the youth community. In research I’ve realized that yea, most people including teens get their dose of current events via internet and since web design isn’t exactly my forte, out sprang another idea…

Thinking back on projects that most peaked my interest I come back to the Haiti poster project we did in Brian’s class. What was so great about this assignment was the research and expansion of knowledge of such a catastrophic world event which until the project, didn’t exactly affect my daily life. The poster project was especially inspirational because of the gallery show The Graphic Imperative going on that the time. The show was powerful and I know the designers who created the posters must have felt a sense of empowerment from creating them knowing the reaction they receive. I’m intrested in expanding on this project. What are other world issues that I feel strongly about? How can I, as a designer do my part to get an idea out there. How do other countries get their messages across? In my resent trip to Thailand over break you realize that most people in the world cant afford to pay for their daily newspaper, magazine, or have access to the web. Information is more widely distributed via billboards, posters, packaging, tv and radio. I would like to explore the world of communication outside of the US, international size posters, etc.. anyways, how the proposal will be executed is pending, but the idea is most solid.


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