Senior Projects, 4 credits, Graphic Design Program, January 2011


An investigation into an area of graphic design practice

Individually defined objectives
Identify a new area of knowledge, skill or practice to expand ones base for professional practice
The project becomes the conclusion to your proposal, giving form to your new ideas

Project Areas

Medium base investigations: package, exhibition, book, web, interactive
Knowledge based investigations: symbols, graphic form, systems, color, typography, motion
Issue based communication: social, political, audience topics

Proposal Development

Interests, I am interested in …
Observations, yours, others, existing points of view, your proposal statement becomes your project introduction. It states your topic observations/the core idea
A point of view: the thesis position, what is unique, a difference or disagreement with current practice?
Prior knowledge, initial connections, experiences to the topic
Research is the backbone of a project, it helps generate your ideas, consider the level of intellectual merit of your research, sources should be juried
What resources are necessary to support research

Project Schedule

Proposals are sent to all graphic design faculty through email with an attached Microsoft word document.
Title your attachment: SP_LASTNAME1, a second submission will be 2 and so on
Begin your document with your NAME, PROPOSAL NUMBER and DATE
Subject your email SP_LASTNAME1

Proposal Submission Schedule

Introduction, Thursday, Nov 11, 10:15–10:45, Adv. Problems in Graphic Design
First document of three (3) ideas, one paragraph for each, Tuesday, Nov. 30, 5 p.m.
Group meeting, proposal feed-back, discussion and rank, Friday, Dec. 17, 12:30–4 p.m.

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